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Applied biology, ecology and research

Ecuador is a megadiverse country with different regions,ecosystems and biodiversity. Be part of outstanding science practices in iconic areas such as the Amazon rainforest or the Galapagos Islands.

Climate Change

The afectations of climate change are pausable now, ecosystems and its natural resources are altered causing global problems. Learn firsthand how biomes such as the Amazon or the Pacific Coast are been affected and the importance of projects that look for sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Development & Conservation

Immerse yourself in the diverse ecosystems of the Andean mountains and Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions to preserving these unique environments.

Extractive impacts

Traveling to many regions in Ecuador where unresponsible extractive activities such as mining, drilling, and logging take place can be a valuable opportunity to learn about the real impact of these industries on local communities and the global environment.

Agroecology and food systems

Food production is paramount for any community economy and consumption, however the environment and its natural resources face great pressures.Sustainable practices play an important role to assure the food sovereignty

Local Business & Community Empowerment

Discover and support unique projects that look for the development of different communities by including new approaches such as sustainability, conservation and education.

Eco-tourism & Travel Impact

Discover the wonders of Ecuador while exploring the impact of tourism on the country's culture, economy and environment. Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures and landscapes of the Andean mountains, the Amazon rainforest, and the Galapagos Islands.

Traditional Medicine & Health

Experience the beauty of Ecuador while advancing your medical knowledge by joining our healthcare travel program in Ecuador. Visit top medical facilities in Quito and the surrounding area, and immerse yourself in the diverse culture and healthcare system of this beautiful country.

Arts & Culture

Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of Ecuador by immersing in Andean indigenous communities with a unique cosmovision of the world portrayed through many artistic techniques.

Anthropology & Archeology

Explore ancient ruins, visit historical sites, make field practices and discover the stories of iconic civilizations such as the Inca and Valdivia. Share with unique indigenous communities like the Huaoranies of the Amazon with extraordinary cultural heritage

Languages (Spanish & Kichwa)

Experience the beauty of South America while immersing yourself in the local culture and language. Learn Spanish and Kichwa, the indigenous language of Ecuador, on your journey through the Andean mountains and Amazon rainforest.

Outdoors Learning

New education trends such as “experiential learning” in compass with education approaches, methodologies and strategies are combined to develop outstanding learning experiences.

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Ecuador Regions

Discover the Four Worlds of Ecuador​

One of the world’s few Megadiverse Countries

Ecuador is geographically divided into four different regions: the Andean Highlands, the Amazon Rainforest, the Pacific Coast, and the Galapagos Archipelago. 

While being one of the smallest nations in South America, it is considered one of the most mega diverse countries on Earth. These “four worlds” combine and represent almost every natural habitat worldwide.

The incredible and different ecosystems contained in these four regions, harbor some of the highest indexes of biodiversity and endemism in a relatively small territory. It is estimated that Ecuador is home to 6,1% of all species reported worldwide. 

Besides the natural habitats, this small territory comprises 32 different ethnic groups with a pre-hispanic multicultural legacy. The colonial heritage constitutes the social fabric for a very diverse set of customs and traditions.

The Galapagos Islands

The islands are a "Natural World Heritage" site and considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. They have a marine reserve, unique biodiversity, and rare and endangered species. The archipelago is one of the most pristine natural protected areas on the planet and the birthplace of Charles Darwin's evolution theory. Described as "Magical, Enchanting, Unforgettable, Inspiring, Iconic."

The Amazon Rainforest​​

The Ecuadorian Amazon Region is a biodiverse rainforest and a hot spot for wildlife. It is home to evergreen landscapes, indigenous communities, and is a vital natural habitat. Described as "Vibrant, Intricate, Precious." It plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change, but faces conservation challenges and risks such as being "Threatened, Endangered, Fragile."

The Andes Highlands​​

The Andes are a mountain range in Ecuador that divide the mainland into 3 regions, featuring glaciers, valleys, plateaus, and indigenous communities. Also is home to many indigenous communities including the great Incas and others that have thrived in time . They have unique ecological conditions that harbor high biodiversity, including high bird and amphibian diversity.

The Pacific Coast​​

The Ecuadorian coast features diverse ecosystems, biodiversity, ancient cultural heritage, and unique landscapes, including hypersaline lagoons, tall mangroves, tropical forests, and rich marine life. Local communities have delicious gastronomy and cultural heritage. Also has a thriving agribusiness industry, making Ecuador one of the largest exporters of shrimp, bananas, and cacao.

What They Say About southern expeditions


Over the last thirty years, I have led educational tours with hundreds of students, in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. All have been amazing experiences, but one, in particular, stands out: our Galapagos educational tour in May 2022. Its success is due in large part due to the level of professionalism and service of Southern Expeditions, our travel partner. Pablo and JuanSe went "above and beyond" to put together the most fantastic program, leveraging the deep connections they have built in the conservation, tourism and NGO communities. I'm familiar with the standard itineraries of the larger operators but I can say with confidence that the program put together by Southern Expeditions was in a different league--and flawlessly executed. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Giles Jackson, Ph.D.
    Giles Jackson, Ph.D.

    Baxa Professor of Stakeholder Capitalism - Director, Institute for Business, Sustainability & Society

    My experience learning and exploring the region was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I am thankful to have been able to connect what I’ve been learning in my college degree to the real world, seeing such a special ecosystem, firsthand!

    Patrick Manival
      Patrick Manival

      Shenandoah University Student

      In collaboration with Southern Expeditions, we engage the students in experiential learning about some of our key conservation programs in Galapagos such as the “Giant Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme” and our “Plastic Pollution Free Galapagos” program. An eye-opener and a great way for them to grasp the value of scientific research and citizen science as complementary approaches in addressing current environmental issues.

      Anne Guézou
        Anne Guézou

        Education and Outreach Coordinator - Galapagos Conservation Trust

        Education and travel experts

        Our main strength is our team of education and travel experts and our associate scientific partners and local experts who share their passion for education and responsible tourism and genuine commitment to the local communities we visit.

        Innovative faculty-led programs

        Our team is happy to customize any of our innovative faculty-led programs from scratch and we assure you that it will exceed all expectations. And go above and beyond to tailor the program to your specific needs.

        Science based programs

        Thanks to our science network in all regions of Ecuador, we can design any program according to your academic needs. We take advantage of Ecuador’s richness to develop science field practices from natural to social sciences.

        Affinity Programs

        Programs developed for specific groups with unique needs and interests. From civic groups, religious groups, alumni associations, gated communities, business associations, or local clubs, we can provide outstanding experiences.

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        Academic and affinity experiences are our strong, participants go through transformational and life-changing processes that would never forget.

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