Anthropology and archeology

Some of the most ancient tribes in what today is known as Ecuador left evidence of their tools, crops, trade, and social and political organization prior to the arrival of the Incas at the end of the 15th century. Some of the most renowned tribes were the Machalilla and Valdivia or Jama Coaque. Afterward, the Inca empire undertook strong conquests to dominate the central Andean territory in which they also built important centers of political and religious power. However, this empire was subdued by the Spanish crown after their arrival in America in 1492 imposing their customs and religion that still have influence today. Nowadays, Ecuador encompasses 14 nationalities and 18 indigenous peoples that live harmoniously together.

Participants will visit some of the most famous archaeological sites in Ecuador while also interacting intimately with locals to learn the customs and traditions that shaped the mosaic of different tribes. In our archaeology programs, participants will tour the heart of pre-colonial Ecuador and also the major cities to discover the rich past and key historic events that shaped them. Participants can also visit different points of the “capaq ñan” or “Inca trail” in Ecuador. This road construction that covers 6000km corresponding to the ancient Inca territory along the Andes mountain range, is crossed by six South American countries. In Ecuador, this road runs 108km from north to south, in which there are 49 archaeological sites linked to 31 communities.

In addition, the Ecuadorian amazon region is home to 12 indigenous communities (two of them uncontacted with the western civilization) with exceptional cultural richness framed by this unique natural region. An incredible experience in which aspects such as ethnobiology, philosophy, music, dance, and other eco-social practices, in line with a unique cosmovision, could be part of this program as well.
Archeological school practices can be arranged with our scientific partners that are performing constant research in valuable archeological areas on the coast and the Andes region of Ecuador.

Range of activities and topics:

  • Explore iconic archeological sites and temples in Ecuador 
  • Spend time with unique indigenous communities 
  • Be part of spiritual ceremonies 
  • Archeological field practices programs
  • Ethnobiology
  • Andes/Amazon cosmovision