Arts and Culture

Ecuadorian arts and culture are mainly understood in three eras: pre-colonial, colonial, and contemporary. In the first one, there is intangible and tangible patrimony dating from the year 2500 BC, which reflects the worldview and the development of the original cultures in those times. The second is characterized by its religiousness where architecture and painting influenced by the Spanish conquest stand out. Finally, contemporary art displays a fusion of different historical periods to create new artwork and a mosaic of cultures which includes indigenous, mestizo, and black-and-white fusion.

In our Arts & Culture programs, students can see firsthand the original artwork and costumes that defined the three-period styles by the most famous artists and communities in Ecuador. However, our programs are comprehensive and can be adapted to focus on either single or multiple art periods and styles. In either case, we include the best and most reflective experiences including communities, museums, monuments, sites, and venues for your chosen destination.

Range of activities and topics:

  • Explore iconic museums of Ecuador
  • Contemporary artwork 
  • National Ballet Jacchigua – First cultural living museum
  • Straw hats weaving handwork 
  • Indigenous weaving workshops and field practices programs
  • Indigenous artwork