Languages (Spanish and Kichwa)

Ecuador is a multicultural and multiethnic country that stimulates the development and strengthening of the cultural identity of the 14 nationalities that inhabit its territory, each with its own ancestral language. Spanish is the official language of the country and the most widely spoken by its population, however, there are several indigenous languages that coexist with it, the most widely spoken of these is Kichwa, which is spoken in urban and rural areas distributed throughout the country.

Spanish arrived in America with the conquest process in the 15th and 16th centuries, and from then on a miscegenation between the aboriginal languages and Castilian has been generated. Over time, Spanish language incorporated words from America that were unknown in Europe. Currently the Spanish spoken in the Ecuadorian territory has variations according to the different regions of the country and has unique characteristics such as the excessive use of diminutives and the incorporation of Quichua words.

Similarly, the Kichwa, being a language shared by 16 different indigenous peoples of the country, has variations depending on the province in which their inhabitants live. This language has historically been relegated giving greater importance to Spanish as a language of teaching and political administration. However, it is currently expanding and is spoken not only by indigenous communities but also in different provinces of the country through which its inhabitants have been displaced.

Our programs allow students to understand languages as a part of the cultural identity and cosmovision of their speakers. The particular way of speaking both Spanish and Kichwa in Ecuador is a reflection of their historical and ancestral past.

Range of activities:

  • Visit indigenous communities
  • One to one spanish / kichwa lessons
  • Cultural activities
  • Gastronomy 
  • Fun spanish / kichwa workshops