Local Business & Community Empowerment

Ecuador offers experiences that are practiced from an ancestral past to contemporary times by using bio-natural products central to its evolution. Among the most prominent products there are fine aroma chocolate, coffee, banana, dairy products, handmade indigenous textiles and community tourism services. An entrepreneurial spirit is alive and driving innovation for the future of product development, authenticity in guide interpretation and sustainability of local economies in Ecuador.

The socio-economic context that has led to restrictions such as lack of professional jobs, quality of remuneration or positions that adapts to the needs and expectations of workers, has motivated young graduates to incursionate into opening business in all sorts of fields related to the most productive local industries. The development of new businesses has allowed the economic and social stability of the country to rise 12 places, from 103 to 91, according to the Global Competitiveness Index presented annually by the World Economic Forum. The implemented businesses mainly move around the agriculture, textiles, fishing and services sectors.

Our programs open participants to work in the local business environment of Ecuador offering the chance to see growing and successful initiatives in small cities or communities that are making a difference locally. These programs showcase local linkages and creative businesses that have helped minorities and people in need.

Participants will have the chance to visit industry leaders in different areas such as sustainable agribusiness and natural cosmetics with a fair trade approach and see firsthand how they were able to grow and find success. In addition, we visit innovative startups and co-working spaces to see the challenges that emerging locals have to face industry giants.

Programs through different places and communities will show students what it’s like to work in a country with plenty of resources but also many socio-economic challenges.

Range of activities and topcis:

  • Wineries
  • Fair trade production
  • Coffee farms at Intag
  • Organic cocoa production
  • Artisanal fishing at Galapagos