Traditional Medicine & Health

An approach of this program is to learn the ancestral medicine treatments and vision that some indigenous communities have used for centuries. The use of a variety of plants to be used in sacred places in the jungle, sacred songs and ceremonies are considered an alternative medical option for many people.

Traditions such as home birth practices with the support of midwives and doulas are quite common in indigenous communities, we are able to better understand these ancient practices and see firsthand how they take place.

On the other hand, access to health and basic services is restricted for the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, both in urban areas and in remote settlements. Some indigenous peoples of the Amazon are also exposed to diseases by oil activities. The extractive activity in the Ecuadorian Amazon has had an enormous environmental and ancestral impact, especially on the communities. For this reason, situations such as the pandemic mainly affect these groups, whose populations are significantly smaller than the rest of the population.

Participants who take this program will be able to visit projects of medical and food assistance to the Amazonian communities of Ecuador. This is necessary since many indigenous populations don’t have access to a good health system and are considerably affected by diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, or other problems related to oil pollution and toxic waste contamination.

Range of activities:

  • Medical practices with indigenous communities
  • Tropical diseases research
  • Alternative medicine
  • Shamanism and ceremonies
  • Traditional birth practices