Extractive Impacts

Although extractive activities in Ecuador constitute the main source of income for the country, the excessive and illegal expansion of mining and oil exploitation represents an important environmental and cultural threat due to deforestation and contamination of Amazonian rivers inhabited by several indigenous groups of the country. The Amazon, also known as “the lungs of the world”, is an important provider of ecosystem goods and services that favor biodiversity, so its destruction has a far-reaching impact on the countries in which it extends.

Our programs focus on the in-situ analysis of social, environmental and economic impacts of mining and drilling activities in the country. In addition, alternatives are proposed and ideas are shared based on the knowledge acquired through observation, the story of historical and current events and comparisons with similar environments.

Range of activities and topics:

  • Explore oil pits and mining areas
  • Visit communities that resist extractivist activities
  • Alternative development projects
  • Assessment of impacts in fragile ecosystems
  • Environmental remediation