Outdoors Learning

“Outdoor learning” is an umbrella term for actively inclusive facilitated approaches that predominately use activities and experiences in the outdoors which lead to learning, increased health and well-being, and environmental awareness.
Our education team, with the support of universities and researchers, can design “education workshops” that involve the exploration of socio-ecosystems in Ecuador and the execution of experiential activities that will enhance the learning process of students of different fields of interest. We are specialists in Inquiry-based learning and place-based education processes which incorporate the use of pedagogic strategies such as metacognition, bloom’s taxonomy, multiple intelligences, and pedagogic mediation, among others. This program is ideal for teachers, professors, and facilitators who are willing to develop new skills to incorporate the “experience” and the “outdoors” as a source of learning.

Range of topics:

  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Place-based education
  • Development of curricular lessons with experiential learning cycles 
  • The constructivism approach
  • Project-based learning