Sustainable Development & Conservation

Sustainable development is paramount if we wish to find a solution to current world problems and inequalities. A balance between nature conservation, social development and economic growth is the equilibrium required to overcome the challenges that many communities and natural areas face. In Ecuador there are great examples of communities that have changed their economic activities providing a greater value to nature and its resources. Our programs allow participants to get up close and personal with successful sustainable development and conservation projects for a complementary understanding of their studies or research.

Some of the most renowned organizations in Ecuador are Frente Insular in Galapagos Islands which contributes to the conservation of species and the change of behaviors of the community, the Napo Wildlife Center lodge, which is a community-run ecotourism project that contributes to the Añangu Kichwa community in the Amazon, and the Forest school project of the Commonwealth of the Chocó Andino region, which aims to benefit the local population and ensure the socio-ecological sustainability of the territory.

Range of activities and topics:

  • Visit iconic conservation projects
  • Community based conservation
  • Research based conservation
  • Sustainability 
  • UN’s sustainable development goals