Ecotourism & Travel Impact

The travel and leisure sectors are strategic to the Ecuadorian economy. Within this industry, tourism has relevant comparative advantages for its development with a sustainable and ethical approach. Tourism in Ecuador encourages the creation of entrepreneurship and jobs, besides protecting the natural environment it also strengthens the cultural identity of its population through gastronomy, history and traditions.

Ecuador, due to its geographical conditions, has very diverse ecosystems and microclimates that influence its inhabitant’s daily life. The main wealth of the country lies in its natural and cultural diversity. Ecuador owns unequaled multiethnic, intercultural and plurinational wealth. Ecuadorian culture has its origin in the influence that each of the peoples has had on the Ecuadorian territory throughout history. In the country, there are 14 nationalities, each with its own customs, languages and history.

However, the tourism industry also generates negative social, economic and environmental impacts that mainly affect local communities. The challenge is to maximize the positive impacts through services that benefit the community, do not affect the environment in the long term and generate economic growth in order to improve the quality of life of more people.

Our programs take participants and researchers to see and understand the positive and negative effects of tourism on the environment and local communities. Participants will be able to visit sustainable tourism entrepreneurship that has a great positive impact locally and that are examples of good management of the tourism business.

Range of topics:

  • Iconic ecotourism projects in the Amazon, Andes and Galapagos
  • Friendly touristic infrastructure
  • Responsible tourism and conservation
  • Tourism in protected areas