Our Metodology

“A unique education approach for transformational academic experiences”

Responsible Journeys

!!Traveling to new regions intrinsically provokes learning!!

However, there is an excellent opportunity to develop unique skills, generate a more profound vision of the world, and put into practice theoretical processes that can only be fully understood once you experience them. 

Our Education Philosophy is aligned with two educational approaches: 

Constructivism is an approach that is based on the fact that each individual builds their own learning from the previous knowledge they have; puts students at the center of educational activities and allows the development of critical and creative thinking through experiences, research, reflections, dialogues, role plays, applications of knowledge, among others.

The Emotional Experience recognizes that emotions and feelings are involved all the time in the teaching-learning process and therefore have a powerful influence on the acquisition of  knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Its recognition and management are not easy and require specific techniques.

Our Methodology is based on the idea that experiences generate the conditions to develop cognitive processes with deep emotional inputs and as result, learning is more significant and organic.  


The experiential model has four main steps: 1) experience that aims to trigger curiosity and connect with previous experiences to pave the way for the second step 2) reflection that through dialogue, questions, comparisons, and argumentation allows participants to establish a position regarding the topic 3) conceptualization that incorporates new information and spaces to integrate reflections and knowledge 4) application preferably that is related to the daily life of the participants.


In addition, Pedagogical and Technical Mediation is also key in order to land and linking experiences, emotions, and new knowledge. The mediator stands between the subject and the stimulus, creating in the individual a predisposition, curiosity, and need to affect their mental structure and, therefore, modify their knowledge and attitudes. Pedagogical mediation has directly related to verbal and non-verbal communication because these determine the impact and credibility of the messages that people transmit and receive, thus determining the quality of communication. On Responsible Journeys, we have an experienced team of mediators that will boost the learning experience in any field of interest. Finally, we count on a National Network of Scientists, Organizations, and Local Leaders who will lead scientific and hands-on activities and share their technical expertise to enrich the academic experience of participants and add a value-added providing local insight into varied topics.    


Our aim is to take advantage of Ecuador´s unique natural regions and cultural richness to develop academic experiences with our education philosophy and which incorporates a range of activities and options in order better to achieve the academic expectations of our groups of students. 


If you require further information in regard to our educational philosophy, we will be happy to share our educational manual.